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Real-Time Notifications

Receive live updates while drinking on when to carb up, drink water, or slow down on drinking based on your data entry. 

Personalized insights about your relationship with alcohol

Building Awareness

Your relationship to alcohol extends beyond while you’re drinking it exists before, during, after. Log in at any stage to learn which decisions to make that are right for you.

Data Driven

There are numerous factors that lead alcohol consumption to rise (physiological, environmental, and behavioral). Each data point can provide a new insight for you to learn what impacts your drinking habits.

Actionable Insights

Shedding light to trends in your drinking patterns can identify where habits get formed. Taking action towards mindful drinking requires building healthy habits that fit your personal lifestyle and wellness goals.

that's where Ethos comes in.

Alcohol consumption, and how it makes you feel, can be linked to a complex array of factors. Currently, there is a lack of reliable, actionable information that helps users to connect the dots and better understand the role of alcohol in your life.

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Your Information in One Place 

We visualize the ways your alcohol consumption influences everything from your mood, savings, calorie intake, and more through engaging graphs and features.

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Understand how alcohol consumption fits into the bigger picture of your personalized lifestyle goals. 

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Log Visual Data

With our photo feature, you are able to log in your drinking data by scanning drinks, and also save your photos to our memories and share with friends. 

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Log and Track Data 

We embed behavioral habits like our log features to help you build consciousness around the contributing factors to your alcohol consumption. 

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